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Concealed Carry Classes

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Take Control of Your Safety

Obtain your Illinois Concealed Carry License with MOA Industries and learn to carry with confidence.

We provide top-notch concealed carry classes for individuals looking to obtain their CCL. Our courses are designed to teach you the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently and safely carry a concealed firearm.

Our classes cover topics including firearm safety, basic handgun techniques, and the legal aspects of carrying a concealed weapon. Our skilled instructors are passionate about firearm safety and are dedicated to providing a positive and informative learning experience. We also offer CCL renewal classes, allowing you to keep your license current and up-to-date.

No Experience? No Problem.

MOA Industries' CCL classes are open to individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced shooters. Whether you're looking to protect yourself and your family, or just want to exercise your Second Amendment rights, we're here to help you achieve your goals.

Sign up for one of our concealed carry classes today and take the first step towards becoming a responsible and informed gun owner.

Available Licensing

Illinois Concealed Carry Class - 16 hours

Illinois Concealed Carry Renewal - 3 Hours

FOID Card - Signup available on-site

Register for Our Concealed Carry Classes Today!